This page provides an overview of events organised by the CEDITRAA team and its members. Two major events where organised during the first project year 2021: an opening conference in July and a digital methods workshop in October.

Asia Forum Frankfurt “Soft Power of Hallyu” 06-07 July 2023

Parasite, Squid Game, BTS: From critically acclaimed movies and Netflix series to K-pop idols, the astonishing global success of Hallyu, the “Korean wave” of cultural production, has been widely exalted as a boon for the country’s “soft power”.

CEDITRAA – Methods Workshop 04-05 October 2021

In October 2021, the CEDITRAA team organised a methods workshop with an overarching focus on digital research methods. Following CEDITRAA’s multi-disciplinary approach to cultural ethnography, the workshop brought together specialists in machine learning with ethnographers exploring the possibilities of digital...

CEDITRAA – Opening Conference 08-09 July 2021

The CEDITRAA Opening Conference in July 2021 gave insights into studies in/about Africa and Asia regarding the working areas. Keynotes presented the overall concepts of novelty spirals and cultural entrepreneurship, which reveal theoretical links between the various fields.