The notion of cultural entrepreneurship in local, regional, and global contexts lies at the heart of CEDITRAA’s research interest. We examine how cultural entrepreneurs navigate tensions between local audiences and regional-global interactions and how these tensions are remodelled by the forces of digitization.

CEDITRAA is composed of four working areas, which focus on different aspects of cultural entrepreneurship: first, the forms, formats, and content of cultural creation and innovation in the production of cultural goods; second, the legal frameworks which govern the transnational appropriation and recombination of cultural content in grey zones between references, citations, and plagiarism; third, the role of archives, understood as collective memory, embodied knowledge, and heritage institutions; and fourth, the role of recipients, that is, how different local, regional, and global audiences shape production networks and how cultural products get diffused in their regions.


Our research is organised in several projects, with each of them contributing to several working areas. Please select your preferred areas, regions, and industries below to find projects that correspond with your interest.