CEDITRAA Opening Conference / July 2021 / gave insights on studies in/about Africa and Asia regarding the working areas. Keynotes presented of the overall concepts of novelty spirals and cultural entrepreneurship which reveal theoretical links in between of the various fields.

Structured in three keynote presentations and four panels, the Opening Conference discussed transformations of cultural production in Africa and Asia in the light of digitization and cultural entrepreneurship, with a focus on Nigeria and Korea. The first Keynote by Michael Hutter addressed his concept of cultural production evolving in a “Novelty Spiral”. Referring to the keynote, the first two panels discussed innovations of forms, formats, and content, and the negotiation of legal aspects where existing cultural products are appropriated and recombined. On the second day, the Keynotes of Michael Lounsbury, Alice Lam, and Steve Casper were related to the concept of “Cultural Entrepreneurship”, whereas the panels focused on aspects of archiving and heritage, and the regional and transnational consumption of cultural products.


You can find all the abstracts and more information about the speakers here: